Advanced Games Project (USC)

Unfolded Logo

I’m the lead engineer of the AGP project “Unfolded“:

Unfolded is an origami, 3D third-person, action-adventure game. In Unfolded, play as Kiri discovering who she is and what she is capable of. Kiri gains the power of folding and unfolding paper into different forms. As the journey unravels, Kiri takes on a variety of dungeons, where she uses her power of folding/unfolding to fight enemies and solve puzzles; all in an attempt to save her paper world.

5 of us pitched the game idea in Spring semester 2017 in preparing for the AGP 2017-2018 school year. Our game idea got approved as one of 7 projects. Initial design happened during summer 2017. The project kicked off at the end of August 2017, which includes design, engineering, and concept art.

Here is the website for the project.

Game Engine Tools Development 

Built a visual scripting system for a home made game engine

Team of 2 made a visual scripting system in Maya 2015 using Pyside package for the UI, and python for the back end logic. The system is used for a homemade game engine.

YouTube link of this video

Longer demo link

custom visual scripting system

Game Engine Development 

Prime Engine — Class project (c++)

A very minimum game engine code base was provided at the beginning of the class.

I implemented Camera frustum culling, simple physics system (with gravity).

With a partner, we implemented navmesh system, and UDP networking with tribes model.

Link to first navmesh demo video…

Link to second navmesh demo video…   Part 2

Link to UDP networking demo video…

Senior Design Project

Drone Wars — An Android Application — Independent group project (Java)

The group consisted 6 students. The project was originally proposed by us, although there were a number of sponsored projects to choose from. Here is an overview of the project:


dwa-3   photo taken by me

Graphics 3D rendering 

Soft Shadows – final project in the class (c++)

Throughout the semester, we have built a small library to render 3D objects. The library also supports gouraud and phong shading, texturing, and anti-aliasing. This final project was built on top of the library.

First 2 slides from my presentation:



Link to the video of my presentation…

Advanced Game Development 

Spark — volunteered project (Unity 3D, c#)

I was involved in the design process of the concept idea of the game, levels, and enemies.

I implemented the event system, a part of UI system.

Five Blocks (First game I made)

I made this game a few years ago while I was learning c++.


Global Game Jam (Jan. 20th 5:00 pm – Jan 22nd 5:00 pm)

Wave In Dark — A game project made in 48 hours (Unity3D, c#)wave-in-dark-main-menu

A YouTube link of game play

I implemented the light wave weapon (right mouse click); in game UI logic (health, bullets count); and put feature we implemented together to a final build for the game jam.

The team had 7 programmers, 1 3D model artist, 1 UI artist, 1 sound engineer and 2 composers.